About Us


Mediwave’s Pioneering Efforts :
Mysore's First Tomography Centre 1981
Mysore's First Scanning Centre 1985
Mysore's First Blood Bank 1989
Mysore's First Diagnostic Centre 1990
Mysore's First Semen Bank 1998
Mysore's First IVF(Test Tube Baby) Hospital 2001

Mediwave Fertility Research Centre has changed its name to Mediwave IVF & Fertility Research Hospital.

Mediwave IVF & Fertility Research Hospital is the pioneers in introducing the latest technologies in reproductive medicine. We have been treating infertility since 1981. Our motto is ‘Reproductive Technology with Care’ while ensuring the quality, transparency and accuracy in treatment methodology. Our landmark achievements are widely appreciated by Medical community and society.

Infertility Management
Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) have come a long way since the first ‘test tube’ baby and there are now a number of high tech ways in which we can give nature a helping hand. Our aim, is always to help you achieve the best chance of pregnancy whilst ensuring you receive the care and attention you need at all times at very reasonable price.

Our well defined treatment methodology, history-examination- investigation- diagnosis- counselling-intervention-treatment procedures-supervision-follow-up, lay importance to every step from inception, monitor the progress at each step and this helps to identify the difficulties and suggest the remedies without losing time and at low-cost. Commitment

We are committed to pushing forward the quality and reliability of treatment. Our quality of treatment comparable to prevailing international standards without compromising on issues like ethnic, racial and religious sensitivities. We follow scientific and ethical procedures strictly. We give lot of emphasis to hygiene and quality through surveillance programmes, monitoring committees for infection control, thorough and dedicated auditing of quality assurance up to the standards laid down by Indian Council of Medical Research, Indian Society For Assisted Reproduction & Indian Medical Council.


Individual Care is our motto, we believe that no two patients are alike. That’s why all couples are treated uniquely according to their individual circumstances and conditions. We provide individual solutions for fertility problems in a caring and supportive environment at affordable cost.

All Under One Roof

Independently owned compound, three storied modern building, From couple investigation to complex surgeries, all facilities for infertility ante-natal care provided under one roof in our hospital. Antenatal screening, well equipped operation theatre, modern laboratory, X-Ray, Scanning are also part of our Hospital.


We treat infertility since 1981. We have the largest team of dedicated fertility health care professionals in Mysore and we provide the complete range of treatments and techniques from the simplest tests to the complex surgeries.

All diagnostic, operative, therapeutic and laboratory procedures are performed using the state-of-art equipment under one roof, by highly qualified and experienced doctors and embryologist. Our embryologist is himself a medical doctor, our outstanding team identified has overcame some of the most complex fertility problems. The nurses and technicians on the team are also experienced and specially trained for infertility treatment.

Ultimately we are judged by results and we are always happy to be measured in that way. We are very proud of our consistent success rate and our results are among the best in the country, across all age groups. We aim to help everyone, regardless of age or the reasons of their infertility.

Our aim is to offer the latest services, with higher success rates, at very affordable costs, but without compromising on quality. This has been made possible by making use of the latest equipments, best quality disposable and culture media imported from internationally renowned sources, competent service and very economical professional fees. During the past 29 years, we have treated numerous couples to have babies, thus bringing joy to their lives.

Overseas/Outstation patients

Advancement of information and communication technology will be utilized to assist the outstation patients, like through websites, yellow pages, fax, telephone, e-mails will help at pre- treatment and post treatment.

Law of the land
Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines 2005 is applicable to all ART clinics in India. There is no specific reproductive law in India at present, common law will be applicable for treatment.

 National registry for Assisted Reproduction in India (NARI)
Our Hospital is listed in the National registry along with hospital procedures and statistics.


We are members of national medical associations like FOGSI, ISAR, ISPAT, Indian Medical Association (IMA), Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction, Indian Association of Medical Specialists, Obstetrician & Gynaecology of Karnataka Association, Indian Radiological & Imaging Association, Indian Red Cross Society, British Fertility Society, England, International College of Angialogy, America, Karnataka Imaging Association etc. We attend all major international conferences on infertility conducted by these medical bodies.